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During our opening-times you have the opportunity to announce your visit by phone. In this manner you give your favourite the possibility to prepare herself for the rendez-vous with you.
Announcements by e-mail are not possible!

This notification only can become a binding date actually before the expected date. Two preconditions have to be fulfilled:
1. you call us and confirm your coming to the advertised time.
2. By the same token you make sure (at the phone) that your lady in the meanshile arrived in our house expecting the rendez-vous with you.

Since the women who are there for you in our place have more tasks in life, not seldom it happens that they have to change their plans concerning their presence in our house at short notice.

Therefore the following rule:
Only when your lady has already arrived in our house and you have confirmed your announced visit, it is possible to convert the announcement into a binding appointment*.

General information in our house
0049 30 - 853 23 44

making arrangements with the ladiestelephones to the ladies
0049 30 - 853 60 25

*As we give each client the possibility, to expand the time with his dream-lady as long as he wishes, in some cases it might come to more or less postponement of your meeting.

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