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Our intimate salon represents something special among the erotic addresses in Berlin. In addition to a tastefully decorated and refined ambience, it is in particular the relaxed atmosphere in which our guests as well as the women on the team feel thoroughly well.

To guarantee this, all the ladies who want to become part of our team must not only be good-looking and open minded about eroticism but also have personal integrity and a warm heart.
Some ladies are there for a few days in the week, some just occasionally or by appointment only.

After a warm welcome, the ladies will present themselves to you. Now you have an opportunity to ask questions - for example about personal preferences. You will get a frank answer. If one of the women is right for you and lights your fire, you can proceed to enjoy everything else together with her...

But if you do not see your dreamwoman or are undecided, just visit us again some other time! Maybe it will "click" then.

If you like the look of one of the courtesans and want to know when you can meet her, please call during opening hours o

0049 30 - 853 23 44

Making appointments

All you should know before you make an appointment with your favourite lady at our place

Our  Receptionists

If, however, you would prefer one of our ladies to visit you in your hotel, feel free to call and discuss your wishes.
        0049 178 - 886 40 89

We will do our best to arrange for a suitable hostess to come to you.

More on our


Discretion ...

... is the cornerstone of our profession! You will not encounter other guests, thus remaining incognito. You can concentrate fully on the sexciting experience with a sensual beauty!

Once you have got to know us, please do not be reticent with your praise - or complaints! We need your suggestions and criticisms so that our etablissement becomes a house of even greater pleasure.

Please do not hesitate to to talk to our receptionist honestly in case once you do not feel treated appropriately by your lust-companion. We will handle this case discreet. The girl will not get problems automatically, depending on the reason of your disappointment.

In a case of frustration you may exspect to get a voucher from us, usually over the amount due to the house. That means 36.- EUR if for example you gave 80.- EUR in all for half an hour. On the money for the girl we cannot decide. But in cases of very heavy disappointment we give even a voucher over the complete money = 80.- EUR/half hour.

Either you talk to the receptionist directly after your dissatisfying session and get from her your voucher immediately or you connect with us by e-mail, so that we depose your voucher on your nickname in the closet of our receptionists. Visiting us the next time just mention your voucher towards our receptionist.

For making sure that your next session will become wonderful with a best suited companion for you, you also may ask some very individual advices by e-mail.

Mail us at

or a short letter,

even under nome de plume:

Text & Form
10713 Berlin

0049 30 - 853 23 44


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