Honorare und Preise


getrennte Zahlung bei Kamilla la Dee in Berlin  

You want to find a suitable companion for an intimate rendezvous in our rooms?
For you, there are two payment amounts.

the fee for Kamilla la Dee
Our receptionists will gladly take it from you. Please pay the fee for the house Kamilla la Dee to the respective Hausdame. If your stay with us is shortened unexpectedly for some reason, the fee for the house will of course be refunded from her to you proportionately.

the fee for your pleasure companion,
Please arrange this discretely with her and hand it over to her in person! This fee is intended solely for her. It does not come into our hands. We don´t receive from her any fees, rents or extra fees!

From the sum of these two cost amounts result the following total costs as an example:

   in romantic context

      per half hour: 80.- €
      three quarters per hour:120.- €
      per hour:160.- €

36.- € for Kamilla + 44.- €* for your lady 
54.- € for Kamilla + 66.- €* for your lady 
72.- € for Kamilla + 88.- €* for your lady 

   under the leadership of a dominatrix in the black studio or in our Bizarre Clinic

      per half hour:100.- €
      three quarters per hour:150.- €
      per hour:200.- €

45.- € for Kamilla + 55.- €* for your lady
67.- € for Kamilla + 83.- €* for your lady
90.- € for Kamilla + 110.- €*for your lady

The time that you need to prepare yourself (for example shower) is not counted.

The fees of submissive playmates for bizarre games in studio or clinic are of very different heights. Arrange these please with them individually at our place.

* The self-employed women in our context decided together the height of their target prices, in order to avoid price competition among each other which might pollute the atmosphere. They also want to allow you a possible preview of your costs. However, each of them is ultimately free to agree her fee with you individually.
Your total cost therefore always depend on your agreement with your favorite lady.

With this amount of money to Kamilla la Dee you pay for:

 Renting one of our rooms

       2.  general advice

Lounge for your favorite etc.

       4. The costs of mediation and advertising

You can also take only a part of of those benefits in claim:
If you have the desire, to enjoy the special atmosphere of our romantic room y together with your lover or another trusted person, we will charge for booking costs, use of space and sanitation, as well as the consumption of hygiene products and on-site support an amount of € 56.- per hour.
70.- € per hour (incl. 19% VAT) costs the rental of the black studios. It is advisable to book the room with us at least 2 days in advance.
In this case omittes pos. 3 and the fee for mediation of pos. 4.  

In the amount for Kamilla la Dee is already included the VAT of 19%.

We like to write you a receipt about your payment.

For inquiries please call:
  0178 – 886 40 89

Senden Sie uns eine E-Mail!

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Honorare und Preise
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