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The way to us

Monday - Friday
10°° – 23°°   (10 am - 11 pm)
  Saturday 10°° – 21°°   (10 am - 9 pm)
Sunday 12°° – 23°°   (noon - 11 pm)


Our house

0049 30 - 853 23 44


Schedule of the girls
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C o n t a c t   w i t h   t h e   l a d i e s

For women who like to make contact on a personal (mobile) phone, the number of this cell phone is noted on their personal page.

For reasons of discretion many of the women have, often with regard to their usual employment, not the possibility, to remain available to you, outside of times, when they are with us in our house. These women ask you to make contact with them via the phone number in our house:

0049 30 - 853 60 25

Arranging an engagement at our house

H o w   t o   f i n d   u s

Our domicil you reach in:

Blissestraße 33
1st floor

corner to Hildegardstrasse

10713 Berlin
district Wilmersdorf

To safeguard discretion our door-bell looks like this:

(just one of the usual housebells)

Blissestraße 33 is at the corner to Hildegardstraße.
On the left side of the entrance is a tan-studio.

You need
3 minutes by car from Kurfürstendamm,
5-7 minutes by car from the exhibition site

The next U - and S - Bahn - stations are

U - Bahn-station Blissestraße U7
U - Bahn-station Bundesplatz U9
U - Bahn-station Heidelberger Platz U1
S - Bahn-station Heidelberger Platz S 45, S46

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