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Du suchst einen Job als Lustbegleiterin in einem exzellent und liberal geführten Hause?

... which makes you independent in financial regards ?
... which allows you a free time-management ?
... which leaves you over a maximum of time
  and flexibility for other important things ?

... which is clearing the space,
to follow your studies or professional purposes
with all encouragement?

... or to spend time and give all your love to your child ?
... or just to be an artist (of life) ?
... or to become one ?
Or ?  ...Or ?

Lustbegleiterin werden im Berliner Bordell der Extraklasse . . .

   Open-minded young women ...

... who are tempted by the thought of working as an erotic
companion at our house on their own
or as an escort in a discreet,
top-class establishment are welcome to join our team!

We offer beginners a chance to familiarize themselves
with this work in a protective environment
before making any decision.

But erotically open-minded women
who have already worked on the “job”
and are looking for a new, friendly,
liberal place to work are also welcome!


Requirements for applying

in addition to an attractive appearance
above all an open attitude to eroticism
a positive attitude to men on the whole,
brains and a sense of humour
as well as team spirit.

Your work is, of course, well rewarded according to your
qualities. But beyond an interest in the financial
you should also really like the work and
- at least for yourself –
be self-confident and committed.

Nobody is forced into anything!

The wide variety of women working with us ensures
that there’s a Jill for every Jack.
So in agreement with our guests we
only do what we really like
and thus are good at.

In so far as you mainly …
want to pamper with massages
or are into relaxing cuddly sex
or prefer a wild passionate “tumble”
or like to surprise men with your fantasies
or if you would like to go beyond a purely intimate
encounter and be a top-class escort and companion
or perhaps have a slightly bizarre streak
that you would like to live out at our place
and / or …

You can shape your “field of play” according to your tastes.
We will help you to do it!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Send us an e-mail:


0049 178 - 886 40 89
mainly from 11°° – 21°° (11 am - 11 pm)

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