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   T   H   E        A   R   T       O   F       M   A   S   S   A   G   E
Erotic meditation

... to the sound of relaxing music
and perhaps aphrodisiacal fragrances?

Classical massages

In this type of massage, the whole body are smoothed out,
kneaded, and freed of tensions by special techniques.
This improves the circulation and life energy!

Impulses from reflex zone massages
of the foot and at other points

on the body’s meridians have a
beneficial effect on the inner organs
and cause a pleasant in-depth relaxation.
Additional hormones are released
that increase the readiness for love.

That is why we envisage a release of erotic tension
at the end of a whole-body massage.


Tantra Massages

Tantra means the teachings and rules of an Indian philosophy of life
and has acquired diverse meanings in the Western world.

To our way of thinking, the art of tantra is tender
and erotic and combines sensuality with sexuality.

Enjoy a skillful massage, intensive and extensive,
from a beautiful master of the erotic art of tantra.

If finally, after spoiling your senses for what seems for ever,
a lovely woman's body sinks down to you,
stimulating and massaging you in full body-to-body contact,
this could be one of your most sexciting experiences ever...

Special Massages

Here only some of them:

Indian massages
The lower part of the abdomen of the man
who is lying on his stomach is raised a bit (eg with a cushion).
Then the behind, thighs and genitals
are stimulated and massaged intensively using a special technique.

Greek massages
These can take place without preparation
or follow on from an Indian massage for example.
A gynaecological examination chair is available for it.
The intensive treatment of the posterior is followed
by stimulating the anus with sensitive G-point massage
that lead to a long-lasting state of ecstasy.
We can subsequently either lead you to complete release
or continue the treatment by spanking or whipping
your backside or with a clistier, if desired.

Russian massages
They serve to increase potency.
An enormous erotic tension is built up with refined methods,
that you can in the end release with your beautiful massage expert
or for example keep it during an intimate-romantic evening.
If, however, you only want to release the built-up erotic tension
in your love-nest at home ...

We also offer
Spanish massage
between beautiful big breasts and ...

Here you get some information about one of our very special offers

Surprise your friend with a very special present!

erotic massages

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Erotic meditation


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